Writings From The University’s Women’s Bathroom Wall

A proverb from our century’s finest mind.

Esther Jordan
2 min readJan 10, 2023
writings on bathroom walls, bathroom wall writings
Image courtesy of Bored Panda

Scrawled out in a cursive-y script of white-out on the back of a bathroom stall door in the university’s library were the words “it gets better.” Vandalizing not only the laboratories of finer education, but my mental sensibilities.

The message floating above a toilet paper strewn and urine sloshed floor. Maybe I’m just bitter because I’m an older student.

Not even the young “educated” minds of our future know how to clean up after themselves. Seemingly expecting someone else to do it, I suppose. An older African American woman was organizing her cleaning supplies outside, getting ready to clean this very bathroom.

After buttoning my pants, I stood there eye-level with the half-scratched bastard, pondering briefly what kind of life this scribbler might lead with her bubblegum proverb. I sighed and opened the stall door thinking, ‘I hope you’re right.’

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