Men’s Fashion 2024: Embracing “Old Money” Styles and Vintage Revival

The opulence of ‘old money’ style intertwines seamlessly with contemporary trends.

Esther Jordan
4 min readJan 3, 2024
An image showcasing men’s fashion featuring a model or man wearing stylish attire, possibly a tailored suit, shirt, and accessories, presenting a sophisticated and fashionable look.
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The fashion landscape for men has undergone a remarkable evolution, often influenced by social media’s sway and the echoes of bygone eras. In the realm of 2024’s fashion trends, there’s a notable resurgence of “old money” aesthetics. Picture paper boy caps, wool scarves, vests paired with long coats, and the timeless appeal of silk ties alongside a surge in bow ties. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg — vintage plaids reminiscent of the 1950s, cuff links, and leather shoes are making a robust comeback. And for the scorching summers, envision crisp white shirts, rolled-up sleeves, fitted jeans, leather belts, and a delightful array of footwear, from penny loafers to oxfords and square-toe semi-casual dress shoes.

An image illustrating ‘old money’ men’s fashion, showcasing sophisticated attire reminiscent of traditional high-society style, featuring tailored suits, refined accessories like pocket squares and cufflinks, possibly in classic colors such as navy blue or charcoal gray.
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Nostalgia and Sophistication: The Resurgence of “Old Money” Fashion

In 2024, fashion aficionados are turning to the elegance of “old money” looks, exuding an air of refinement and sophistication. The resurgence of…



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