Gospel of the Hebrews

Their origin story.

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The Gospel According to Matthew is one of the most important sources for early Christian history. It is also a source that has been distorted by hate groups who wanted to use it as an instrument of persecution and torture.

The Nazarenes

The Nazarenes used the Gospel according to Matthew just as it is, as the Ebionites also did.

The Nazarenes simply accepted Matthew’s Gospel and made no attempt to alter or revise it. In fact, they were not even aware of any other gospels at all. The Ebionites considered themselves followers of John the Baptist and relied on his teaching rather than that of Jesus Christ. They did not recognize any other writings except those found within the Old Testament.

The Hebrews

The Gospel of the Hebrews was a gospel that was rejected by the Church. It had stories about Jesus that were not included in the Bible, and these alternate accounts were written in Aramaic.

The New Testament tells us that James, son of Zebedee and brother to John, was martyred in A.D. 44 by Herod Agrippa I at Jamnia (Acts 12:2). Therefore, it seems unlikely for him to have written this gospel since he would have been too young at that time (he would’ve been about 20 years old).

Hidden Manuscripts

The Gospel According to the Hebrews is no longer available in manuscript form except for a few quotations scattered in some of the Church Fathers.

It was written in Hebrew, and it is thought to have been used by the Nazarenes (a Jewish-Christian sect). It was also known as the “Gospel of James” because it spoke frequently of James and his relationship with Jesus. This gospel was not…



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