2024 Fashion Trends for Women: Embracing “Old Money” Elegance and Clean Girl Aesthetics

An “old money” elegance intertwines with the understated charm of “clean girl” aesthetics, redefining women’s style for the year ahead.

Esther Jordan
4 min readJan 3, 2024
Image featuring a woman adorned in classic vintage attire, wearing a tailored blazer with gold buttons, a pencil skirt, slicked-back hair, exuding an air of ‘old money’ elegance in 2024 fashion.
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In the realm of fashion, the whispers of social media have resonated with designers, sparking a revolutionary shift in women’s fashion for 2024. Get ready for the resurgence of “old money” elegance — less skin, more sophistication. Picture the classic Chanel look — a nod to vintage Parisian aesthetics adorned with gold buttons, pencil skirts paired with form-fitting blazers, and the timeless allure of simplicity. Slicked-back hair for a sleek ponytail, a hint of makeup embracing natural beauty — 2024 is a fusion of “old money” grace and the understated charm of “clean girl” aesthetics.

Snapshot showcasing a modern take on ‘old money’ women’s fashion in 2024, featuring a sophisticated ensemble with a tailored blazer, sleek pencil skirt, accessorized with subtle gold accents, reflecting elegance and refinement.
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Revisiting Elegance: The Rise of “Old Money” Fashion for Women

Fashion in 2024 takes a turn towards refinement, ushering in a revival of sophistication reminiscent of the classic Chanel era. The trend leans towards showing less skin…



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